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Pinene (or α-pinene) is an aromatic compound found in cannabis that smells a lot like a forest of pine trees. But pinene brings a lot more to a strain’s experience than just flavor. What weed were we smoking on this year? Check out which strains rose to the top in 2019. Backstabbing partners, secret financial backers, hired-gun geneticists: Welcome to Leafly's series on the new cannabis patent war. October is National Cookie Month—here are 7 GSC cannabis strains to help you celebrate. Many growers believe the earliest cannabis strains sprouted in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan and eventually spread to other areas. We call these indigenous strains landraces. “We tested 47 #CBD products and found that only 51% delivered the dosage promised on the label. #marijuananews #cannabisnews https://t.co/sj9Hh0Vy9r”

Find information about the Saturn OG cannabis strain including user reviews, its most common effects, where to find it, and more.

Products Archive • PharmaHemp™ PHARMAHEMP is a pioneering European grower of organic hemp, a trusted producer and supplier of superior cannabidiol (CBD). For more information and wholesale request go … CBDv: Cannabidivarin Cannabinoid Profile - MassRoots One source of CBD, including its siblings CBD-A and CBDv, is hemp — the cousin to cannabis that, by legal definition, contains less than 0.3 percent THC. Some hemp varieties offer as much as 20 percent CBD-A (assuming that the cannabinoid is extracted properly). Boston OG (hybrid) This post was originally published on July 7, 2015, it was

CBD OG. A very flavorful CBD strain which is not often common when dealing with CBD strains. The thing I like about this one best is the compliment that the OG really makes the strain a hitter I kid you not it was tough for me to finish a joint which is a HUGE plus because most high CBD strain will not carry that effect but this CBD OG is a must have!

Introducing our most powerful CBD strain in the line-up. Incredible Power really is incredible. This three way cross, bred and grown strictly to provide the highest  Looking for some HIGH CBD seeds? These regular Island Dream seeds are perfect for your CBD garden. $39 for 5 seeds. This strain has about 6-10% CBD and  CBD: tbd. CBN: Linalool: tbd. B-Myrcene: tbd. a-Pinene: tbd. D-Limonene: tbd Gold Kush clearly gets its name from its golden brown appearance; however, 

Here are the strains of CBD that our physician recommends. You can click on each strain to get more information on each. We also do Missouri Marijuana.

Otto Strain - CBD - THC: .06% - CBD: 12.1% - Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy, Euphoric, Talkative - Uses: Inflammation, Pain, Spasms, Stress.